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Clear Braces – A Lifestyle Choice

Invisalign clear braces are invisible orthodontics which enable you to achieve a beautiful straight smile through wearing a series of clear aligners. More than 6 million people worldwide have now straightened their teeth using Invisalign.

For many adults, the thought of wearing braces is not an option. If you feel self conscious about your smile in any way we recommend clear braces as they are easy to fit into your lifestyle and are practically invisible. No one will notice you are wearing braces unless you choose to tell them. Many adults missed out on braces as teenagers, and are now choosing Invisalign in their millions.

See What Your New Smile Could Look Like

You can contact us for a free consultation and our digital smile simulation will show you how your new smile could look. Our service includes Invisalign Full, Invisalign Teen, Invisalign i7 and Invisalign Lite. Find out which is right for you at your consultation. We can treat any orthodontic issues including crowding, gaps, crooked teeth and bite issues such as overbites and underbites or cross bites.

Cost wise, clear braces come in at a similar cost to traditional fixed braces. We have monthly payment plans and our expert dental team can talk to your insurance company if you have dental insurance or health insurance. Insurance policies frequently include dental and orthodontic cover and can be used to fund part or all of your treatment costs.

Treatment Duration

Your treatment will take 6 – 18 months and will require wearing your aligners for 22 hours per day. Patients love the lifestyle advantages such as being invisible, and also smooth and comfortable. As the device is fully removable, you can also still have all of your favorite meals and drinks without having to restrict your choices.

An app will allow you to track your progress and upload photos, and you will change up to the next aligner as per your treatment plan. This is usually every 7 – 14 days. Patients find that changing up at night is easier and more comfortable as your teeth can adjust and become accustomed to your aligners while you sleep.

Many dental experts across the world consider Invisalign to be the treatment of choice to straighten teeth – as well as being the treatment of choice as it is felt to be socially acceptable, many dentists feel they can achieve a straighter smile with clear braces.

During Your Treatment

In addition to being smooth and comfortable, clear aligners are also less hassle with fewer non-routine appointments required. Metal braces can mean extra visits to your specialist if there is any movement or slippage of wires or brackets. As these are sharp they need to be adjusted quickly to minimise discomfort. With clear braces none of these issues appear. Enhance your smile with the leading cosmetic dentistry treatment chosen by over 6 million patients worldwide.

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